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Content creation is your hobby,
let us help you make it your job.

What VEWR does:

Vewr is a two-sided marketplace aimed to assist influencers in establishing additional revenue streams with product placement partnerships between advertisers and influencers.

The problem we are aiming to solve is that advertisers’ product placement deals take a long time making it difficult for smaller companies to do this. For influencers, they mostly only use the monetization systems in place by the system they upload to which alone do not pay them enough.

Our Plan to Help

Find brands that fit your image

Pick companies and products that align with your content.

Apply to brand deals

Content creators can now freely apply to the deal of their choice. We want to empower content creators by giving them the choice on what deals they want.

Create long lasting relationships

Establish a lasting connection with companies that you will want to work with tim and time again.

Find a Brand Partnership That Works for you!

Search through numerous job postings from numerous brands and apply to postings that seem interesting. Our goal is to encourage long term relationships between brands and creators.

Compare Profile With Other Creators

See how your metrics stack up against other content creators of similar size. We will provide a rating tool for creators and brands that rates the deals for both sides to ensure that neither is being undervalued.


We do not get paid unless you do!

We believe that we exist to provide you a service to increase your content creation skills that's why we believe we shouldn't pay our selves before you get paid. This means that there will be no monthly subscription fees to use our platform.

Who we are



UAlbany Innovation scholarship

New York State Business Plan Competition Semi-Final Winners

RPI Class of ‘51 Award

RPI e.Ship competition (3rd Place)