Equitable Video Sharing.

On the blockchain.

about vewr

We are a team of University at Albany students building Vewr: creator centric video sharing that rewards its community.

We believe it is time companies recognize and embrace the power of user creation, instead of punishing it. In the wake of YouTube's infamous adpocalypse, Vewr is stepping up to use decentralized technology in a platform that is designed to give creators fairer financial gains.


We want to give control back to both the content creator, and the viewer. That means freedom from extensive censorship, and a more democratic revenue stream.


Vewr won’t store your videos in huge databases. Instead, your video and account data will be decentralized, meaning you’ll be safe from the data breaches that plague centralized Silicon Valley tech giants.


Viewers will have the ability to pay a monthly fee to their favorite content creator to see their content ad free. Creators will also have the ability to offer bonus content to these viewers.


Creators will retain the same advertisertisement revenue stream that they do on most large video sharing sites.

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